The discovery visit

Duration : 1h30

Price : 22€/person - Private format: 26€/person

1 Château Guiraud
33210 Sauternes

The discovery visit

Château Guiraud invites you to discover what has been driving it for over 250 years: the making of its great wine through farming practices; from organic farming to permaculture.

The tour includes the garden of biodiversity, where people bond with the omnipresent nature of the estate; the Château, where the country spirit and conviviality define the place; the vat room and the cellar to get to the heart of the elaboration of our great wine. During the visit, visitors taste the three wines produced at Château Guiraud.

Two formats are available: 

1. The convivial format (for two or more people): 22€/person

2. The private format: 26€/person

On reservation 

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