Guiraud à Bicyclette - Ecological Trail - 5 km

Duration : Half or full day

Price : 35€

1 Château Guiraud
33210 Sauternes

Guiraud à Bicyclette


The Château Guiraud team offers you a sustainable reception thanks to soft mobility by proposing itineraries by electric cycle.

Whether you are curious, a beginner or a wine lover, "Guiraud en Bicyclette" is aimed at a wide audience, whether you are a couple, a family or a group of friends. Equipped with your smartphone and an electric bicycle from the estate, you will be guided through a digital application.

You will discover a route dedicated to you within a world-renowned appellation, the natural practices of Château Guiraud as well as its great wines and all the points of interest of a vineyard with multiple breathtaking views. You can also choose to go on an excursion with the gardener's picnic and have lunch off the beaten track, in the heart of a generous and authentic countryside.

Half day rental: 35 €



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