Visit the Cognac region and walk through its vineyards - Maison Boinaud

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Visit the Cognac region and walk through its vineyards - Maison Boinaud

We invite you to Maison Boinaud for a unique experience! Visit the family vineyard with its committed ecosystem inhabited by its 46 beehives which are the fruit of a healthy environment and sustainable viticulture. Maison Boinaud is constantly rethinking its ways of doing things to leave an ever cleaner footprint, the good health of their bees ensures that it is good to be in their vineyards. The consequent size of the vineyard leaves the field open for constant experimentation of viticultural innovations, thanks to test plots. 

Come and follow the pedestrian itinerary with exclusive content. You will be immersed in the values and know-how of an innovative, ambitious and prestigious house. Maison Boinaud has been present since 1640, it is the experience of the land, the heritage of cognac and the commitment to our environment. It is also the largest family-owned wine estate in the Cognac region, with the estate's teams taking care of over 480 hectares of vines.


Today it is Charles and Rémi Boinaud who perpetuate this family know-how around the passion for the elaboration of excellent cognacs and spirits, notably De Luze cognacs - which will celebrate their 200th anniversary in 2022. You will discover a House that keeps its spirit of independence and excellence alive with its many premium brands of Cognac, Armagnac, Brandy, Vodka, Whisky and Gastronomy.

Proud to be part of this family adventure, the grandsons are aware that they have inherited a visionary character that must be maintained over the long term.  Like an unfinished work, they are bringing an international dimension to the company, while taking care to preserve the local ecosystem. This new generation's objectives include the development and diversification of the spirits brands and a commitment to the environment. 

Over the years, the notion of family has evolved to encompass more than 140 employees who contribute to the Maison Boinaud edifice. All of them represent the wide range of professions, which contribute to the excellence of the grape to the glass. From the land to cultivation, from harvesting to distillation, from ageing to blending and from bottling to tasting the flavours, Maison Boinaud takes care of all its operations in order to preserve the prestige of its products.


Maison Boinaud offers you unforgettable experiences: take part in the grape harvest for a morning, follow the history and the secrets of the elaboration of the vine to the glass of Cognac De Luze. You can also taste an exclusive menu of food and cognac pairings at the Restaurant "La Maison". Maison Boinaud also offers you the opportunity to participate in an exceptional Cognac tasting accompanied by their gastronomic snacks. Through all these moments, you will be transported in the wine universe of the region. 


A moment out of time immersed in nature, the opportunity to recharge your batteries during an excursion. You will be charmed by the bucolic landscapes of the region, at the gates of the cities of Saintes and Jonzac, Maison Boinaud is located in Angeac-Champagne in the heart of the Cognac region. Not far away you can easily reach the cities of Rochefort, Angoulême and Bordeaux.