The calendar of the open days of the Bordeaux vineyard 2022

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The beginning of spring rhymes with good times, which also rhymes with white wine. And yes, here we are! The Portes Ouvertes of the vineyards started in April: a great opportunity to discover the history and the wine heritage of our beautiful country. Whether it is a ceremonial tradition perpetuated for decades by some or a first event for other new producers, the open doors are a festival that gleefully brings together winegrowers, amateurs and the curious.  

Hosted by the châteaux themselves on different dates according to the appellations, the JPOs of the different properties amaze the eyes, awaken the nose and stimulate the taste buds of the visitors. For many years, these meetings have enabled the wineries to democratise their wines while presenting their wine tourism activities (tasting, catering, accommodation, Green Bubble, etc.). In this way, they seek to develop their clientele and build loyalty. It is also an opportunity for them to share their history and to promote their know-how. In a climate that is often enthusiastic, sometimes festive and always convivial, owners and winegrowers try to distinguish themselves and try to bring their estate and their wines to life for the greatest pleasure of (future) consumers. A walk in the vineyards, a bike ride, a visit to the wine cellars, a tasting, a meal in an unusual place, or a meeting with experts in the wine industry are just some of the myriad of services provided by the estates. 

As you will have understood, the opening of the vineyards is organised at the arrival of the fine weather, the weather being an essential factor for a perfect day in the vineyards. By the way, what period of its cycle is the grape currently in? And what is the work of the winegrower? 

April is the time of the so-called budburst: the buds grow to show the first leaves and the future shoots. This is a delicate phase, often feared by farmers: spring frosts (see photo below) can damage the harvest by burning the young shoots. This phenomenon, which is devastating for all farmers, is becoming more and more unpredictable due to climate change.

Then, generally in May and before the summer flowering, the winegrower selects the branches useful for the production of quality grapes. This is the disbudding period. This involves removing all the undesirable buds or the beginnings of branches that risk increasing the load on the vine (which is harmful to the quality of the harvest). It is important to know that the shoots grow quickly, about 5 to 15 centimetres per day: so they must be lifted and trained regularly before they are pruned (i.e. trimmed). 

This information will help you to understand the different stages of the vine's life cycle and to retrace the path of the wine you will taste during the open house. From the vine seed in the ground to the bottling of the vinified grape juice. 

If the open doors of the wine domains are unmissable events, a brief presentation of the calendar will not be enough to help you to see a little more clearly among this plethora of invitations: 

The Blaye - Côtes de Bordeaux Open House (Printemps des Vins): 2 & 3 April 2022

The Médoc open house: 8, 9 & 10 April 2022

Lalande de Pommerol open house: 23 & 24 April 2022

Côtes de Bourg - Côtes de Bordeaux open house: 7 & 8 May 2022

St Emilion & Lussac & Puisseguin open house: 30 April & 1 May 2022

Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux Open House : 4 & 5 June 2022

Pessac-Leogan Open House: 11 & 12 June 2022

Sauternes & Barsac Open House: 9 & 10 July 2022

Castillon Open House : 3 & 4 September 2022

Our favourite Chateaux

Château Guiraud - Sauternes :

For over 35 years, Château Guiraud has been implementing environmentally friendly viticulture and also a forerunner, recognised, in particular with the award of the Organic Agriculture label in 2011. It is the first of the "1er Grand Cru Classé en 1855" to be certified. 

As soon as they arrive by the old Gallo-Roman road lined with 181 plane trees, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking view of the 128 hectares of the wine estate. From experienced wine lovers to novices, everyone is invited to discover this renowned vineyard with its unequalled ecological practices.

Château Guiraud now offers a wide range of activities, including electric bike rides in the heart of the vineyards, wine tasting and visits to the winery. The château also has its own restaurant, La Chapelle - Maison Faber Lascombes!

The château is located 45 minutes south of Bordeaux.

Château Réaut - Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux 

This estate is located in Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux and covers 26 hectares, straddling a clay-limestone hillside and a gravel terrace. Situated on the banks of the river and facing south, the estate benefits from ideal climatic conditions for obtaining perfectly ripe grapes. True to their values and their sense of sharing, the owners of Château Réaut wanted to offer more than 650 individuals the opportunity to become co-owners. This is a unique opportunity to participate in the development of the estate and to share convivial moments throughout the year, culminating in the great harvest festival. Be part of the adventure! The Château also boasts a sublime terrace overlooking its vines and the surrounding countryside. An idyllic place to set up a restaurant. The estate also offers you the opportunity to spend an afternoon riding your electric bike through its vineyards. Tastings and walking tours are also available.

The château is located 35 minutes south east of Bordeaux.

Château Vieille Tour - Cadillac - Côtes de Bordeaux :

Château Vieille Tour has been a family property for three generations. Jérôme Gouin, owner-grower, inherited his grandfather's love of wine and cultivates his vines in an "old-fashioned" and eco-responsible way. He works in pairs with his wife Béatrice-Anne. One is in charge of the production and the other is in charge of the marketing of the wines. They decided to join forces to write the history of Château Vieille Tour together. 

Located in the commune of Laroque, 45 minutes from Bordeaux, the vineyard is situated on the right bank of the Garonne and covers 16 hectares.

Exceptionally, Château Vieille Tour is planning to hold its open days on 17 and 18 April 2022. This is also the date chosen by the estate to inaugurate its "Bulle Verte", an open-air circuit through the vineyards that can be done by electric bicycle.