Good reasons to join the Green Bubble community!

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We met with Mr. Michel, an independent producer based in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, who wanted to learn more about the Green Bubble - Quiet Exploration. Like him, you are probably asking yourself the following questions: 

"Installing electric mobility equipment on my site ? For what purpose ? Everyone is still driving a thermal car...I won't get a fair return on investment and I don't have the cash flow ! Creating discovery routes through the farm? What's the point ? I already offer a "tasting" activity to promote my products !  Joining the Bulle Verte community and having a web page dedicated to my activity ? What advantage would I have in joining a network of competitors ? Will I still be in control of my communication ?"

The collaborative principle and the multiple assets of the Green Bubble ecosystem make this producer sceptical at first sight. However, they represent a great opportunity! We are going to prove that he should be interested. To do this, let's list all the advantages of this tourist service. 

First of all, a brief reminder: a Green Bubble is a tourist ecosystem designed around soft mobility and discovery itineraries on a site welcoming visitors (from towns to accommodation sites, including all production sites) ! 

What are the benefits of a green bubble?

 Enhancing the value of a site

Enabling a visitor to appreciate a product at its true value thanks to an experiential route within the estate where it is produced: this is what we want to achieve with a producer. On foot or by electric bike (scooters - electric meharis...), the discovery itinerary will offer a total immersion in all the terroirs to the most curious.

Take the example of wine estates: it is certainly gratifying to meet a winegrower, to discover a wine-making cellar and then to taste the wines of a château, but aren't the vines, the very essence of wine, put aside? A visit to the vineyards is the ideal way to talk about the environment and the history of this fruit. This makes it easier for visitors to appreciate all the skills and work involved in production. All this while enjoying a refreshing walk.

The electric charging stations, an essential facility promoting the ecological transition, also provide a significant competitive advantage serving visitors on the one hand, and employees on the other. Today, the production of electric vehicles is intensifying very strongly (nearly 1 in 5 cars sold in France is electric) to counter the greenhouse gas emissions of combustion engine vehicles. By 2035, 100% of vehicles produced and sold in France should be electric. 

Taking advantage of a new economic activity 

A "turnkey" concept, the Green Bubble is co-created after close collaboration with the host site. During this phase, the economic model and organisation best suited to the area in question are also defined. It should be noted that 100% of the revenue generated by this innovation remains with the owner. The site can thus diversify its sources of income. 

Expand your visibility

And yes! By joining the Green Bubble community, the attractiveness of a host site is reinforced. How can this be done? Thanks to several elements: A space is dedicated on the website Then, the news of each Green Bubble are regularly relayed on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn). A monthly newsletter is also shared with a wide range of tourism stakeholders.

In addition, the presence of an electric charging point leads to referencing on all electronic maps and applications (chargemap, mappy, bisonfuté...) facilitating access to charging points. 

Attracting new customers   

Thanks to a Green Bubble, each site extends its offer. An establishment will not only reach out to those who are passionate and curious about its product, but also to those who are addicted to cycling and outdoor activities. As the offer is diversified, the visitor targets are broadened. A pleasant experience is ultimately a key factor in building loyalty!

Moreover, with a charging station, a reception site will attract electric vehicle drivers who will be able to combine recharging with discovering a place. Without the Green Bubble, these people would certainly never have visited the places they are about to discover.

Increase the time spent on your site by visitors and the average basket/customer in the shop 

It's a fact! Each site that has opted for the Green Bubble - Quiet Exploration sees its visitors stay longer on its domain. The observation is similar for the visits to the shop: the customers' baskets are fuller after a total immersion thanks to the Green Bubble experience. Several parameters explain this: it is a rather long activity (the visitor will therefore stay longer on the estate), the nature escapade, the meeting and exchanges with the producer, the global understanding of the history and local know-how, encourage the visitor to invest in local products. All the more so when they know that they are favouring the short circuit.

Join the Green Bubble community

The Bulle Verte community is growing. Villages, producers, hosts, many projects are being implemented throughout France.

From this year on, occasional meetings are organized between the members of the community to promote good sustainable practices and collectively build a meaningful tourism.

Becoming an actor in sustainable tourism

Transport, mass tourism, accommodation, unreasonable activity... Tourism generates significant damage to the environment: around 10% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide come from this sector. So getting involved in the ecological transition is a duty for all of us. Turning to cleaner energies and electric mobility is an effective way to initiate this change. Adopting a Green Bubble is contributing to the development of inclusive and local tourism, and therefore to a more sustainable tourism !