Martell Découverte

Duration : 1H30

Price : 25€ or 35€/person

16 Avenue Paul Firino Martell
16100 Cognac

A fascinating guided tour that opens the doors of the oldest of the great cognac houses.

From its foundation by Jean Martell in 1715 to the present day, you will travel through time to discover the history and philosophy of the House of Martell, as well as the foundations of its development and success. You will meet the different professions involved in the production of our cognacs, which have made their reputation throughout the world. In particular, the art of Martell blending, a know-how of excellence that has been passed down from one Cellar Master to the next for nine generations. This expertise is closely linked to the terroir, to the quality of our vineyards, to which we pay lasting attention. This complete exploration of our world will be followed by a tasting of Martell VSOP Red Barrels and Martell Blue Swift at the Martell boutique.

- Option 1: guided tour + tasting of a Martell VSOP Red Barrels + Martell Blue Swift - €20

- Option 2: guided tour + tasting of a Martell Cordon Bleu + Martell XO - €30

For groups of 20 people or more, please contact us by e-mail at .

To book another time slot, please contact us via the same address.

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