Duration : 2H30

Price : 90€/pers.

20, rue de la Société Vinicole
16100 Cognac

Electric bike ride in Grande Champagne 

On its estate in Juillac-le-Coq, Rémy Martin hosts the «Bulle Verte Slow Exploration», an eco-service station dedicated to sustainable methods of transport.

It is the starting point for an electric bike ride in Grande Champagne. The landscapes, filled with white limestone, offer wonderful views over the valleys of vineyards and rural heritage (windmill, dolmen, Roman church, villages). The route is punctuated by gourmet stop-offs, where you’ll savour local products and enjoy a tasting of Tercet cognac.

This slow exploration, along public lanes and small country roads, helps raise awareness about protecting biodiversity on Rémy Martin’s estate. The ride ends with a tour of the distillery in Juillac-le-Coq.  

The itinerary varies depending on the season and the weather on the day. 


- Meet at the Rémy Martin estate in Juillac-le-Coq at the Bulle Verte station. 

- Bike rides in Grande Champagne, a choice of two routes, gourmet stop-offs and tasting* of Tercet cognac.

-A dedicated guide for each group of 2 to 4 people. Equipment provided: electric bike for adults, helmet, mobile phone holder, paniers, bike lock.  

- Tour of Rémy Martin’s vinification facility and distillery. 

*Tastings reserved for participants aged 18 and over. 


Private tour. 

12 km route (2 hours) with 3 gourmet stop-offs:  

70 euros per person from two people. 

20 km route (3 hours) with 6 gourmet stop-offs:  

110 euros per person from two people. 

Available year-round by appointment. The tour is adapted to the seasons. 


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