A walk between two historic castles in the heart of n

Duration : 2h

Price : from €20/person

12 route des Landes
33640 Beautiran

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Discover the Domaines de la Parrhésia, between history, architecture, forest, water, vineyards and pleasure. You can discover this crazy dream of a passionate family, through an exclusive and autonomous walking tour in the heart of their properties.

To date, the vineyard covers some 30 hectares, on which the 90 hectares will gradually be replanted, in a setting surrounded by woods and clearings. Biodiversity is naturally present here, giving the vineyard an exceptional vitality. Each Château is like a raw jewel, a sleeping beauty that needs to be awakened.

This walk will be punctuated by a guided tour of the Châteaux' cellars and by a tasting of the estates' wines. 

You can also extend the pleasure with a gourmet picnic basket in the château grounds.

- 5 years and under: free 

5 to 18 years: €15 

+ Over 18s: Tasting of 2 wines = 20€/pers. 

Tasting of 5 wines = 25€/pers.

(Tasting of 2 wines = 20€/pers) (Tasting of 5 wines = 25€/pers)

RESERVATION BY E-MAIL : contact@domainesdelaparrhesia.com

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