Château Meyney

Château Meyney is one of the oldest properties in the Médoc. Located in the heart of Saint-Estèphe, the vineyard of 51 hectares in one piece, stretches over beautiful hillsides overlooking the Gironde. 

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Useful informations

Lieu-dit, Meyney
33180 Saint-Estèphe

Epicurean discovery

The prestigious Saint-Estèphe vineyard was built around the Meyney estate. From the middle of the 13th century, these lands were cared for by Cistercian monks who made it one of the very first structured winegrowing operations in the Nord Médoc.

Long coveted by the great bourgeois and aristocrats of Bordeaux, the vineyard was returned to the bosom of the churchmen by the bequest of Pierre Forthon to the Pères Feuillants in 1625, the official date of the creation of the estate. The term "château" was attached to Meyney by the Luetkens family in the 19th century, an entry into modernitý thanks to a line of inspired women. In 1919, the Cordier family, powerful merchants, acquired the property and gave Meyney wines an international reputation and distribution.

Since the purchase by the Crédit Agricole group in 2004, the sleeping beauty has been awakened under the leadership of Anne Le Naour, joined more recently by Boris Diallo and Thomas Hernandez.


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