Four-colour picnic in the park

Duration : -

Price : 49€/pers

1 rue Latour
33720 Cérons

To prolong this moment and to take advantage of the magnificent setting of the domain, we prepare delicious picnics "A la Française":

- Red picnic, Château de Cérons, red Graves- Black pig of Bigorre, duck of Landes, basket of fruits and vegetables of season, cheese of Bazas, sweetnesses of the bakery of Cérons.

- White picnic, Château de Cérons, white GravesFish from the Arcachon Basin and the Pyrenees, basket of fruit and vegetables in season, goat's cheese, sweets from the Cérons bakery.

- Golden picnic, Château de Cérons, CéronsGrenier Médocain, foie gras, basket of fruits and vegetables in season, blue cheese, sweetness from the bakery of Cérons.

- Orange picnic, Sunset, orange wine. Vegetarian, vegetables and cheese

Reservation at least 24 hours in advance
The all-inclusive price covers the tour, tasting, and picnic box: 49€ per person.
Children: 12€ per person.

Purchases of wine and items from the grocery store are extra.

Menues can be adapted to special diets upon request.
Same table can choose different colors.

Minimum 2 people per menu colour.

By appointment only (minimum 24 hours in advance). Possibility of adapting formulas to special diets on reservation. The same table can choose picnics of different colours.

Option :  Walk in an 18th century wine village : 9€ per person

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