Champagne Piot Sevillano

Discover this family estate located in Vincelles in the heart of the Marne valley. You will be able to walk through the heart of their vineyards, which will reveal the secrets of this beautiful product.

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23 rue d’Argentelle
51700 Vincelles

Epicurean discovery

Christine and Vincent, owners of the Piot Sevillano estate, are independent winegrowers. Their ambition is to produce rare, atypical champagnes with character, respecting the environment and all this with passion, dynamism and generosity. 

The Piot-Sévillano house comes from a line of 10 generations of Champagne winegrowers. Their working methods are inspired by previous generations, but also by the new techniques of sustainable viticulture. Come and discover their 16 champagnes and their 3 Champagne hillsides, made thanks to their creativity and know-how, like artists constantly searching for new aromas, new sensations and new emotions.

The estate has obtained the HVE (high environmental value) certification and shares its values of environmental protection by implementing several actions within their farm. The aim of all these actions is to reduce the environmental impact, but also to elaborate champagnes as natural as possible and of high quality. This space is open to many services such as picnics, workshops on the production, oenological evenings, concerts, relaxation activities or tastings with agreements... 

The Green Bubble of the Piot Sevillano Champagne House will make you discover, thanks to a pedestrian route in the heart of the vineyards, all the history of this family and its viticultural traditions around the production of Champagne. You can also enjoy a tasting of their champagnes on their terrace with a panoramic view of the Champagne vineyards! 


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